Friday, July 3, 2009

With your breast self exam, what are you checking for?

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As I was mowing the lawn this morning, another BOP, I remembered something I wanted to tell women regarding my breast/mammography posting. This is not something I have not said before, but it bears repeating again and again in this time of economic and financial stress that people are going through.

That is… when you do your monthly self breast examination, always remember that you are checking to be sure your breast are still healthy. You are not checking to see if there is a lump or a cancer growing. You are checking to be sure your breasts are still healthy smooth vibrant and impressively awesome. Okay, maybe we don’t need all the extra adjectives, but you get my point.

The difference in attitude could save your life. If you are checking for cancer, the law of attraction promises it will eventually show up. If you’re checking for lumps, they will come too.

What made me think of this is I was remembering what the other patient in the mammography office said to me about the effectiveness of getting mammograms so you can find lumps and abnormalities early so you could begin treatment early. That kind of talk says to me that she is anticipating and expecting such results versus getting a mammogram so you could validate just how healthy your breast still are.

Some other tips for creating a healthy environment for your breast to flourish:

--Give up drinking milk, if you haven't already done so. Women have no need for cow's milk and the additional hormones and additives are a recipe for disasterous results.

--If you can give up eggs, give those up too.

--Drink fresh juices, veggies and green

--Give up white rice, white sugars and white breads. Since these are all refined and have no nutritional value and clog up your system, they will clog up your breast vessels too.


That’s all I wanted to mention for today.

BTW, this raw food thing is not going so good this week. I’m tired of salads so I am doing all kinds of things I shouldn’t be. Must find some new raw food recipes tonight. Maybe check out Brenda Cobb’s book. Seems she included some.

Have a great 4th of July everyone.